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to rephrase the Q, I am not looking for an onion alternative, but rather something else to do with those red peppers

asked by @erickschonfeld over 5 years ago
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Amanda Hesser

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Here's a good soup recipe (shallots and garlic, no onion): And here's a recipe from the NYT for Roasted Stuffed Peppers -- no onions!



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You can roast, peel and stuff them with anything from brandade to quinoa. I posted a recipe calling for a brandade filling recently. Brandade is mostly salt cod with potatoes and cream. Quinoa is quinoa, but you can tart it up a bit.

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why not fire roast them(red peppers),remove skins, put them in jars, cover with olive oil, & a 5 minute process to set the lids. Then you have roasted peppers all year long. You can freeze them as well.

Kristen Miglore

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You could easily omit the onion or garlic called for in many red pepper recipes -- you'll just get a purer, sharper red pepper flavor.

One idea: I've found roasting red peppers slowly in the oven (as opposed to over a gas flame) leaves you with an intensely sweet, rich pulp -- a great base for a pasta sauce or a savory jam. At 425 F, whole peppers might take upwards of an hour for the skins to char & separate from the flesh; or you can increase the heat for speedier cooking. Here's a recipe for red pepper jam alongside a grilled cheese sandwich:

Or for something completely different: Red Pepper & Fennel (Seed) Scones w/ Manchego


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if you've got tons and tons, you can roast them then freeze the roasted, peeled peppers with a little olive oil in ziplocs. I freeze them in 1/2 and 1 cup quantities and then I can pull them out to use in the winter. They get a wee bit slimier after freezing, but if you're going to cook them, it won't be noticeable.

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Red peppers are great baked until black, skinned and used in a cous cous or bulger wheat salad. I like to mix mine with roasted cherry tomatoes (with a dribble of red wine vinegar or balsamic after cooking), chives and feta cheese. This is delicious with BBQ meats or cold meats, or own its own for a snack.

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My favorite pizza is grilled chicken, ricotta cheese, roasted red peppers and pesto.
Roast the peppers like the others say, then cut them into long strips for the pizza.


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I make this salad without onions.


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@LeeBros pimento cheese. I think they have not put this recipe online but it's page 89 of their first cookbook -- which is highly recommended. http://mattleeandtedlee... In its absence just use fresh roasted red pepper instead of canned pimento in whatever pim cheese recipe you like.