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Does anyone know what fruit this is? At a hotel in South Beach, Miami and no one knows.

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Maedl added almost 2 years ago

The photocis so tiny, but is it a pomegranate?

HalfPint added almost 2 years ago

Looks like chocolate persimmon. Hard to tell from the photo. Does it look like this:


Natty312 added almost 2 years ago

It has a pretty hard shell. Not easy to break open.

Quinciferous added almost 2 years ago

It looks like a guava to me. Do you have a picture or descrption of the inside of the fruit? Guavas are pink or creamy white on the inside and green on the outside. They have hard edible flesh that is very dense and softens as it ripens. Unripe guavas are tart and must be peeled with a knife. Is this sounding right?

Kristen W. added almost 2 years ago

Definitely not a pomegranate (we have a pomegranate tree so I know what that would look like). My vote is for guava..


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added almost 2 years ago

Maybe its a mangosteen, they have a very hard shell and soft sweet white fruit on the inside.

Maedl added almost 2 years ago

Can you ask someone on the hotel staff from Central or South America? Perhaps they would be more likely to recognize tropical trees and fruit.

Natty312 added almost 2 years ago

I just saw the inside and it's a bright red orange. Not much fruit. I'll try to post a picture of it.

sexyLAMBCHOPx added almost 2 years ago

If you run across a grounds keeper or landscaper, ask them.

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