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What to substitute for sherry?

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Maedl added almost 2 years ago

For drinking or for cooking? If for cooking, what are you cooking?


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added almost 2 years ago
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If for cooking, marsala or port could work. Even sweet vermouth depending on the dish.

Kirsten,Sheehan added almost 2 years ago

Oh cool! I have vermouth. I'm Sauteeing some mushrooms for a quiche. The recipe called for sherry. Thanks!

threefresheggs added almost 2 years ago

Make sure it is sweet vermouth! The stuff for Manhattans, not dry vermouth, the stuff for Martinis. For quiche mushrooms, you could deglaze with any wine, brandy or even stock, though the flavor profile will be different.

bigpan added almost 2 years ago

Actually, I would go with white (dry) vermouth as the red vermouth will be too sweet . But, if you want sweet, use red vermouth, rube sherry, or port.
Using white vermouth will allow you to adjust the flavor and sweetness. Once it is too sweet you have a bigger problem.
Although a bit rare, there is white port which is more dry than sweet. Nice with cheese for dessert too.

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