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A question about a recipe: BBQ Meatball Sliders

I have a question about the recipe "BBQ Meatball Sliders" from Helana Brigman. There are no eggs or egg yolks or bbq sauce quantities mentioned in ingredients list. Thanks.

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nutcakes added almost 2 years ago

Unless Helena comes along I guess we'll never know. You can deduce that it's one egg and one yolk from the directions, and that sounds about right. For sauce I'd guess between 1/4 and 1/2 cup. I bet you'd be safe winging it and starting with 1/4 cup see if it seems like it can take more or will be too goopy. You can always test a small one in a frying pan. If it ends up too goopy just add breadcrumbs. If you make it you can post your results in the comment section under the recipe.

Helana Brigman added almost 2 years ago

Thanks so much for asking Cade. It appears my egg (and egg yolk) were missing from the ingredients list. I've just added them back in. I ran into an issue when uploading this recipe and had to list the ingredients twice during the upload. It appears this ingredient was left out the second time.

Please let me know if you try the sliders! They are one of my favorite things to grill!

nutcakes added almost 2 years ago

The BBQ sauce measurement was also omitted.

Helana Brigman added almost 2 years ago

I realize I just responded, but the website is taking some time showing the egg and egg yolk update. It should appear (shortly) in the ingredients list, but if it does not, please feel free to view the in tact recipe here: http://www.clearlydeliciousfoodblog...

Helana Brigman added almost 2 years ago

Nutcakes--THANK YOU for pointing this out. I've gone through and triple-checked my recipe. All ingredients are still in check and I'm baffled at how two essential ingredients went missing during the upload. Apparently, if you type the recipe in and then make a small change--say, add a column for the garnishes--all content is lost and requires that you manually upload again.

I believe all issues are fixed, but please let me know if something is missing. I just love these sliders!

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