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Saving Lemons

I have a bunch of lemons that are starting to go bad. Is there any way of keeping them from doing so? I was thinking of juicing them. Will the juice still be okay if the peel is starting to turn. And is there any way of saving the peel or zest, on those lemons whose outsides still look okay.

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susan g added almost 2 years ago
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Squeezing the juice is good -- cut open the lemons and smell each one. If there's a mold smell, it's gone and you should discard it. Make a big pitcher of lemonade and sit in a comfortable place and enjoy. Well, you could freeze it in ice cube trays to use as needed. My ice cubes are conveniently 1 fl oz each.

chef of the future 2000 added almost 2 years ago

If the outsides are "ok" then the peel is fine - right? If they are not rotten inside (even a little brown is ok) then use the juice it's fine.

bigpan added almost 2 years ago

Cut into wedges or slices and freeze individually on a sheet tray. When frozen you can pack in a ziplock. Then pull out as needed for a drink or recipe as required.

ATG117 added almost 2 years ago

So I was wondering about freezing. Have you used frozen slices with success? Can I freeze them whole or is it better, in general, to freeze the juice as mentioned above. Assuming I go with the juicing option, Can I use a peeler to take off the zest in sheets first and freeze those as well?

Diana B added almost 2 years ago

You can freeze the peel until you have enough (or are in the mood) to make candied peel, too.

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