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A question about a recipe: Summer Corn Pudding

I have a question about the recipe "Summer Corn Pudding" from Lizthechef. Can this be made without cheese

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ATG117 added almost 2 years ago

Just to elaborate, I'm making dinner and one of my friends who avoids dairy. I was thinking the fresh corn alone would be delicious, but wondering about the texture without the cheddar.

beyondcelery added almost 2 years ago

I make something similar with soymilk and no cheese and it works just fine. Mine turns out more like a custard and less like a quiche. You'll probably need to increase the salt slightly and watch how much liquid you add. I'll probably cut the liquid in this recipe by 1/3 (so use 2/3 cup milk substitute).

Lizthechef added almost 2 years ago

Sure - it is the crunch of the fresh corn that makes my recipe.

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