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atomic cake

When I was a kid, my favorite bakery cake was called an "atomic cake". It had three layers, chocolate, vanilla and ???, a fruit filling between two layers and (I think) banana pudding. i grew up on the south side of Chicago and have never heard of the cake since. Does anyone have a recipe, a memory, a link? it's funny how our food holds such a place in our memories, isn't it? I can even remember the cool filling and whipped cream frosting. Many thanks!

asked by arcane54 about 2 years ago
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added about 2 years ago

OK, so I'll respond to my own post (how food-geeky am I?) i found a couple of recipes for Chicago Atomic Cake ( I love this thing they call the Internets...). They both use cake (choco, vanilla, banana) and pudding mixes (same holy trinity), fresh strawberries, as well as a carton of whipped topping (aka Cool Whip). Here are links. Me, I'll make the cakes from scratch and whip the cream myself (skimmed off the tops of fresh milk from kate's happy cows). Then my kitchen will look like a bomb went off... hence the name. If you have a recipe, I'd love to know about it!

added about 2 years ago

Here's another recipe that avoids that boxed mixes: http://www.grouprecipes...

I grew up in St. Louis and have no recollection of the Atomic Cake--although I ate plenty of red velvet cake and sauerkraut cake!

added about 2 years ago

sauerkraut cake?!? Please tell us more!

added about 2 years ago

St. Louis! Don't forget gooey butter cake!