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How to make an egg that will compliment a bagel ?

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Quinciferous added over 1 year ago

Egg and cheese on a bagel is one of my favorite breakfasts. I fry an egg over easy and plop it on top of a toasted bagel half with cheese already melted on. Salt and pepper, then eat.

The secret step with the egg is to crack the egg over the hot pan, but hold back the yolk for a minute. Once the white settles into the pan and partially sets, put down the yolk right bang in the middle. Flip, then fold up the wild edges of your fried egg to make it round -- perfectly bagel shaped!

nzle added over 1 year ago

This method from Deb Perelman is genius: cook the egg into a crepe with a cheese-filled belly:


threefresheggs added over 1 year ago

All the bodega/grill/bagel shops around Brooklyn do this and it drives me crazy! As shown in the photo, all the cheese oozes out as soon as it is opened - yummy! - but leaving most of the sandwich cheeseless - sad :( . Def melt the cheese onto the bagel, each and every bite should have cheese.

Sam1148 added over 1 year ago
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Have a stern talk to the egg about manners. "Hey Bagel, You look great...nice tan!".

/sorry..I couldn't resist.

petitbleu added over 1 year ago

For bagels, I make my eggs over medium in a round cookie cutter. I love over easy eggs, but find that in a bagel, they're just a trifle too messy.

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