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I'm making passion fruit puree. Do I strain it through a sieve (eliminate seeds) or do I blend everything in a blender?

I tried to find this in the grocery store already as a puree, but no luck. I found ripe passion fruit. Now I need a good recipe.

asked by saidmusican about 2 years ago
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added about 2 years ago

The seeds are edible (and can be pretty) but for a puree I'd probably strain them out. After passing it through a sieve you won't need to put it in the blender.

As for a good recipe - the classic passionfruit pairing is pavlova (in which case you don't need to strain anything - just scoop out the pulp and top the pav). I also love a passionfruit posset, which is a thickened sweet cream and *incredibly* easy to make. Just follow step 2 of the recipe below:


added about 2 years ago

We like the crunch that the seeds provide, but some may not. Depends on what you finally decide to make. Folded into a dish, like a cake or pie, it doesn't matter, but if you are using the puree as a sauce on top-- then strain.