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Does anyone have a recipe for an old-fashioned chocolate cake with a wonderful chocolate chocolate icing?

I am suffused with nostalgia for the super-moist, not fancy chocolate layer cakes of my childhood, from church picnics and family reunions in the Midwest. Help!

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lorigoldsby added over 1 year ago

Boulangere's chocolate cake was a community pick...her recipes are always amazing. The icing is a separate recipe...and the link is in the headnote info.


missnewjersey added over 1 year ago

You might try looking up a recipe for sour milk cake. My grandmother used to make it and it was always the moistest cake I've ever eaten! We normally topped it with a cream cheese icing, but this post has just inspired me to find the recipe and try it with chocolate icing. I'm sorry I don't have the recipe on hand to share!

ATG117 added over 1 year ago

Amanda's dump-it cake is great, but for a layer chocolate cake like you describe, Ina Garten's Aunt Beatty's Chocolate cake is perfect. The frosting is super delicious and the cake is equally moist and flavorful.

darksideofthespoon added over 1 year ago


ATL added over 1 year ago

Thank you, everyone! These are great suggestions and I will work my way through them.

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