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Adding Apple to Jennifer Perillo's Sweet and Savory Tomato jam

The original recipe on Jennifer's blog contained chopped apple. This was not in the food 52 version. Has anyone made this with the chopped apples? Is there any reason not to add them? This sounds like a great addition

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Lizthechef added over 1 year ago

My recipe is from food52 and dated 7-11-10 and contains no jam. This recipe is superb as is but why not give it a go? The natural pectin from the apple might make it firmer, also a good thing.

jamcook added over 1 year ago

I added the apple and it looks and tastes great, set up beautifully, and gave me a great yield..I tripled the recipe ..Thanks for the good advice

Diana B added over 1 year ago

New input on this posting: http://www.food52.com/hotline...

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