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Quinoa Safety

I soaked Quinoa over night for a recipe on your site and then didn't have time to make it. It's been in the fridge for 38 hours in the water. Is it still good to cook?

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added over 1 year ago
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Odds are it's going to cook up as porridge. I'm not familiar with the recipe you are citing so I'm not clear on why a long soak is necessary. Personally I really dislike it when cooks totally hammer quinoa. I prefer small distinct grains with the germ visible.

darksideofthespoon added over 1 year ago

Sometimes I don't cook my quinoa, I just soak it until it's soft. I'd save it for 2 days maximum, but after about a day it's nice and tender.

LauriL added over 1 year ago

Thanks for your input! I was so afraid that I'd have to toss it (way too expensive to consider!!) Do you know why this is so?

PhillipBrandon added over 1 year ago

I don't think you'll have any problem with food safety, but I also don't think it will have been great for the texture of the end product.

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