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Want to make salad with grilled corn off cob, no grill, only pots/pans. How do I do it? Thanks

asked by MHM60 about 2 years ago
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added about 2 years ago

If you have an oven, you could attempt to make a roasted corn salad by tossing it in the oven for a little while on a sheet pan. Additionally, if you have a gas stove, you could roast the ears of corn like you would a pepper, by just putting the ear of corn over direct flame, turning often to avoid charring. Does that help?

added about 2 years ago

A few minutes under the broiler will do the job. Alternatively, skip the cooking entirely. Raw corn is deliciously crunchy.

added about 2 years ago

Thanks!! I'm new to this cooking thing and I can easily do any of your answers. Food 52 is a great site!