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Why do so many recipes favor golden raisins over the regular ones?

Aren't they the same in taste and texture?

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Panfusine added over 1 year ago

They tend to look prettier!

HalfPint added over 1 year ago

I think there's a difference in flavor. The dark raisins are very sweet, while the golden ones have a tartness, so they seem less sweet.

louisez added over 1 year ago

I also think the golden raisins tend to be more moist and plump.

ChefOno added over 1 year ago

Harold McGee writes: "Golden raisins are made by treating the grapes with antioxidant sulfur dioxide and drying them mechanically in controlled temperatures and humidifies; the result is a much fruitier, lighter flavor." I'd agree although I prefer the dark ones if I'm eating them out of hand. In a dish, it's almost always the goldens.

Panfusine added over 1 year ago

I always assumed that the golden raisins were made with white grapes while the dark ones were made with red grapes..Most dried fruit are treated with sulfur dioxides and it is not a bleaching agent, is it?

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