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A question about a recipe: Short Rib Chili

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I have a question about the ingredient "dried guajillo chiles" on the recipe "Short Rib Chili" from lastnightsdinner. I have Guajillo chili powder. How much would I use to substitute for the whole chilis and what level of spice would that add?

asked by NakedBeet over 3 years ago
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added over 3 years ago

You can go by weight. Figure 4 guajillo's per ounce. How much heat that would provide is a guess on top of a guess on top of a guess. Powders aren't the best for that type of dish, they tend to lose flavor in processing and storage and you never know if they include the inner membrane and seeds (where much of the heat resides). They can also be a little gritty. Personally, I'd double up on the anchos if I couldn't get my hands on guajillos, or sub another favorite chile like maybe pasilla. If you're looking for heat, toss in an arbol or two.

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added over 3 years ago

I think ChefOno's spot on - and I'd probably start with a smallish amount of the powder, adding more to taste as you go. Good luck!

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added over 3 years ago

I'm in the choir here. I agree with ChefOno and lastnights dinner. Guajillo are not terribly hot peppers, at only about 6,000 Scoville units. So tasting as you go is good advice. Remember, you can put it in but you can't take it out.