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What is the best step in the baking process to retard dough?

I'm trying to streamline my bread-making for my busy schedule. I am making the breadsticks from Michael Kalanty's How to Bake Bread (reliable recipe), but I need to make the dough Monday so I can make the breadsticks on Tuesday. It is a soft dough, made with part milk and some fat. Here are the steps: make the dough, rise 30 minutes on a half-sheet, "walk it out" like you would focaccia, rise 30 more minutes, form the breadsticks and proof, bake. So, when should I retard the dough in the fridge? Let it rise once, then have the second rise in the fridge/coming to room temp on the second day? Or retard the formed breadsticks?

asked by clementinebakes about 2 years ago
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added about 2 years ago

After mixing - let the retard replace the first rise.


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added about 2 years ago

I'd retard it after you take it for the focaccia walk, before shaping the breadsticks. I retard focaccia at that point, after I've stretched it, then let it proof and dimple it the next day. I suspect you'll get a better rise on your breadsticks that way.