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Aside from soup, mashed potatoes, oatmeal and eggs, what are foods that are "soft"?

Had oral surgery and can't chew solid food for a few weeks. I'm already tired of the usual soft foods and seek some variety. Any ideas?

asked by Chef Lisa over 3 years ago
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apple sauce
----try 1 banana, 1 cup of milk and a big spoonfull of peanut butter

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My elderly mother lives on pudding, flan, frittatas and herring.

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Ice cream, mushy peas, hummus, cottage cheese, refried beans and Gail P makes a good point about fish. What about a hamburger without the bun?

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Bolognese sauce (without the pasta, or use something tiny like orzo or ditalini). Farina/cream of wheat or polenta. Ripe brie.

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Pasta can work -- we made lots of pasta (lasagne, etc) for my Dad after oral surgery in preparation for dentures. As you've noted, soup (especially the types that get blended) are all good choices. Overcooked (i.e., "mushy") veggies can be good (sure, they'll make you long for when you can eat the crunchy stuff but that time will come again!).

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Polenta? Or too grainy? You could pair it with a bunch of stuff -- cheeses, bolognese references above, butter, vegetables (maybe you'd need to purée them).

Kristen W.

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What about a nice dal, or a pot of beans?


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Avocados--I just cut in half and fill the seed hole with oil and vinegar, salt and pepper.
Tuna Salad. I'd think mac and cheese with qualify or "Tuna Surprise", Tofu in miso soup, Spinach smoothies, peaches sliced and baked with a bit of brown sugar, allspice, nutmeg.
Soft Tortillas should be okay, so use some tuna salad and roll up in casserole dish; cover with a few spoonfuls of cream soup and let it soften up. (steam it in the microwave covered with plastic wrap).
if pasta is okay--and it should be okay; ask the Dr. for a good and not good list. Some pre-made cheese ravioli boiled, and served a few of those in a bowl covered with hot chicken broth flavored with garlic boiled and removed. (Dried parsley flakes should be okay for some garnish with that)
Egg drop soup is quick and easy..and again you can add tofu.

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Tapioca -- which goes by happy-oca in our house! I recommend Bob's Red Mill small pearl tapioca if you can get it. Better flavor, texture and more economical that the boxed granular brands. Tofu in miso broth is very comforting too. Add some fresh ginger and garlic to the broth as it steeps, then add tofu cut to a size that works for you. Drizzle a bit of toasted sesame oil or some chinese hot oil on top for a flavor boost. That's it! Good healing to you!

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Mashed cauliflower is a diet food but tastes good and can be the consistency of mashed potatoes. Also loved egg custard and cream soups when I had surgery and had to eat full liquids for a couple of weeks.

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Thanks all! Thaws really help!