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Just bought a big jar of Sumac... What should I make?!

I've never used Sumac before, honestly. I have a good friend who uses it in her bakery and can't seem to get enough of it. What are some tried and true dishes you use Sumac in?

asked by darksideofthespoon over 3 years ago
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Merrill Stubbs

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Make these potatoes!

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Agreed -- make a big batch of za'atar and put it on everything!

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I love sumac. It is used in a lot of Persian and Middle Eastern recipes and goes well with chicken, lamb, and fish. Here are two websites to get you started:


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Za'atar is good on eggs. Especially eggs fried in olive and butter. Sunny side up.
And flat breads with olive oil..and herbs.

Sumac grows wild around here..(and most places). Very high in vitamin C. It was used to make "Indian Lemonade" which is just steeped dried seeds in hot water. Really good for a sore throat when served hot...add honey and fresh mint.

One time while cabin camping at a semi-primitive cabin. I came across a bush and crushed the seeds with some rocks. And then took a packet of raman noodles and rehydrated and drained those and fried them in disks in oil. And topped with the sumac, salt and some white cheddar--it was suprisinsly good.

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Thank you everyone! I made a huge jar of za'atar and tried those roasted potatoes as a side with homemade black bean burgers. Delish! Hubby was raving!

I have a feeling it's going to be sprinkled on most things I eat from now on, aha.

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Sam, if you are collecting sumac in the wild, be sure to know your plants. Some sumacs cause uncomfortable allergic reactions--and I think that both poison ivy and poison oak in in the same genus as sumac, so you get the drift.

I had a sumac drink in Istanbul that must have been similar to the sumac 'lemonade'. It was really good, especially in an area where wine and beer choices were limited.