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David Rosengarten published a simple salad dressing used in the rural areas of Austria (?), but unknown in the larger cities. It's a simple dressing of water, vinegar, sugar, garlic and other seasonings and a tiny amount (1/2 t.?) of oil. Recipe may have been titled "Water Dressing". Appeared in David's newsletter within the last two years, I think. Anybody know the recipe? Thanks, Frank

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ChopChop added over 3 years ago

David's blog with recipe (scroll down to his posting for October 9, 2009).

Frank Ball added over 3 years ago

Right on the money! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, ChopChop.

campagnes added over 3 years ago

What an interesting recipe! I'd love to try this.. thanks for finding it, ChopChop (and for requesting it, Trucster!).

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