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rescueing burned enamelware

Anyone have suggestions for saving an enamelware pot that has burned on food in the bottom?

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a Whole Foods Market Customer added over 1 year ago

Soak soak soak. Fill with enough hot water to cover the burned areas by 1", then bring to a boil. Let stand until it cools, then scrub with a nylon scrub pad. You should be able to remove the crusted-on burnt parts, though the enamel may be stained underneath.

Sam1148 added over 1 year ago

I swear by this method.

I'd just give it 20 mins for enamelware tho.

Diana B added over 1 year ago

Something like this was just asked about a week ago: http://www.food52.com/hotline...


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added over 1 year ago

The method I use is just a solution of water and white vinegar. Bring it up to a boil and just scrape away with a wooden tool.

JustSomeCook added over 1 year ago

Simmer water for 30 min, wash, rinse and repeat until the burn is gone.

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