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Strawberry Jam left out

Does it need to be tossed out? It's been about 24 hours without refrigeration. Thanks.

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added over 1 year ago

I don't think so. Jams are loaded with sugars and can take quite a bit of abuse. I'd refrigerate it now, though.

ChefOno added over 1 year ago

The high concentration of sugar will keep bacteria at bay. The moisture content will support mold however. Stick it back in the refrigerator and keep your eye on it. Toss it if anything starts growing, otherwise no harm done.

rrcooks added over 1 year ago

I lived in England for 35 years and no-one I know keeps their jam in the fridge there. Occasionally my father scrapes a moldy bit off (if the jam is VERY old) and keep on using the jar. He is 82 and still going strong although I don't recommend his strategy myself!!

ChefOno added over 1 year ago

The problem is some molds produce toxins that can penetrate deep into moist food. Refrigeration slows the growth of mold. 2+2 = ?

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