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Alternatives to canned tomatoes???

Tomatoes trigger my eczema but I love using them in cooking especially casseroles, are there any alternatives?

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gravy lessons added over 1 year ago

When I'm out of canned tomatoes I substitute canned roasted bell peppers. Have you tried those? You can puree them or chop them up.

Nili added over 1 year ago

I agree with the roasted red pepper idea but would add some acid (vinegar or citrus) to better replicate the flavor profile of the tomatoes.

HayleyZ added over 1 year ago

Thanks for the fab suggestions! I wonder if red peppers would have a similar effect on my eczema though....

gravy lessons added over 1 year ago

HayleyZ, do you need to avoid the whole nightshade family? If so, you can alter each recipe as you go by adding different vegetables that fit the recipe, like squash and adding some wine or vinegar. Banana ketchup might be something fun to experiment with as well. A few years ago I learned that hops in beer trigger my migraines and I'm migraine free now. I hope that managing your food triggers helps you become eczema free! Take care.

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