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tweaking cornbread

I'm on a quest for the perfect cornbread. I've learned that I like it made with a high proportion of cornmeal to flour, little to no sugar, buttermilk, cast iron pan, and bacon fat. The last variable to figure out is eggs - I've seen anywhere from 1-4 eggs included in recipes. What is the effect of more or less eggs on the final product?

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susan g added over 1 year ago

I love a cornbread from Nikki and David Goldbeck -- it has 3/4 cup cornmeal, 1 egg, 1 Tb honey. I have changed it to use buttermilk (originally 1 1/2 cup yogurt). I omit the sweetener, and you could change oil + butter to bacon fat. It's quick, simple and delicious.

Nili added over 1 year ago
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Eggs are three things, water, protein and fat. Increased egg content should cause a richer and less crumbly finished product so if you like moist soft cornbread go big on eggs and if you like lighter, crumbly cornbread go with fewer. The eggs also contribute to raising the bread so (up to a point) more eggs will get a higher lift than fewer. I say "to a point" because if you increase the egg content too much you end up with a corn tart instead of bread. If you want to tweak the recipe even further you can replace some egg with constituent parts (water, protein, fat). Use one egg and a few tablespoon of butter to add richness but maintain a crumbly texture. Add a teaspoon wheat gluten to increase the protein and end up with a more toothsome bread. Etc. etc... (Also, add jalapenos... lots of jalapenos.)

linzarella added over 1 year ago

Thanks Nili, this is just the kind of response I was looking for!

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