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Cookie recipes that use baking lard

My biscochito recipe is emphatic about the use of lard and they are delicious. Can you recommend other cookie or cake recipes that explicitly call for lard (besides pie crust)?

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hardlikearmour is a trusted home cook.

added over 1 year ago

My grandma made molasses cookies with half lard and half vegetable shortening as the fat. They have a rolled dough, and not much spicing. They just aren't as good when made with only vegetable shortening. I will probably upload the recipe sometime this fall/winter. I tend to make them for the holidays.

Ophelia added over 1 year ago

Oh, Polvorones are traditionally made with lard, but most of the recipes I've found on the internet use butter or margarine. This one looks about right: http://www.spain-in-iowa...

nutcakes added over 1 year ago

Hugh Carpenter in his book Pacific Flavors (or maybe Chopsticks) has a Chinese style almond cookie with mini chocolate cookies that are really delicious. Unfortunately a google only turned up me commenting on them on a discussion board, but unfortunately I didn't post the recipe. Don't have the book handy. If my mother still has the recipe I will post later.

nutcakes added over 1 year ago

Perhaps this will do the trick--from a reliable source

nutcakes added over 1 year ago

So I was pooking around and found another chinese almond cookie

if you go to her main page, click on recipes and you will find more cookies and cakes made with lard. If you click on the Lard Lovers link you will find a few more. Did you know that lard is mostly monosaturated? Not I.

nutcakes added over 1 year ago

OK one last Chinese almond cookie, just because this one actually contains ground almonds. I hope you try one of these out and report back. Oh and in my original post, the cookies had mini choco chips in them. King Arthur's website has an almond cookie glazed with chocolate.

Maedl added over 1 year ago

Real honest-to-goodness doughnuts are fried in lard. If you have a lot of lard to use, that would be a great option!

QueenSashy added over 1 year ago

This is my family flagship cookie recipe http://www.food52.com/recipes...

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