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National Sandwich Day!

What's everyone making to celebrate national sandwich day today?

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Merrill is a co-founder of Food52.

added over 1 year ago

I won't be making anything myself since I'm in Florida for a wedding, but yesterday I had a mean fresh fish sandwich (Cajun blackened) with homemade tartar sauce. May have that for lunch again today!

Sadassa_Ulna added over 1 year ago

We just picked up some hoagies here near Philly, doing our part.

inpatskitchen added over 1 year ago

We're having a sub for lunch made with ham, salami, provolone and a pickled cabbage slaw and pepperoncini on top. Yummy!!!

lorigoldsby added over 1 year ago

We had open faced BBQ sandwiches with pickle, onion and mustard!

jmburns added over 1 year ago

Philly Cheesesteak. Texas style with jalapeƱo, and lots of Texas 1015 Sweet Onions

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