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How long should I cook a 30 pound stuffed turkey? Is there a better rule of thumb than 20 minutes per pound once a turkey reaches a certain weight such as 25 pounds? Also, can I brine a turkey for 24 hours or is that too long? Thanks!!!

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added over 3 years ago

Epicurious has a great chart for turkey doneness, taking into account turkey size, oven temp & time, though you'd have to allow a bit more time for the larger bird and stuffing: http://bit.ly/dMQo7M

But it's best to take the internal temperature anyway -- you'll want to hit at least 150 in the fleshy part of the thigh (the temp will continue to climb as it rests) and 165 in the stuffing -- if the stuffing isn't at 165 when the bird is done, you can always take it out and bake it separately.

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