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Merrill Stubbs

Merrill is a co-founder of Food52.

added about 3 years ago

Rice bran would be a decent substitute, or maybe ground flax seeds. You could also leave it out, as it's mainly there for taste and texture.

added about 3 years ago

I've made the bread successfully with ground almonds that I briefly toasted in a pan. It turned out great!


Shauna James Ahern is cooking up a good life, gluten-free. Her most recent book, Gluten-free Girl and the Chef was named one of the best Cookbooks of 2010 by the New York Times.

added about 3 years ago

The first thing to do is think about what function the wheat germ serves here. We're never going to duplicate the taste and texture of it. However, if you think that the wheat germ adds a little protein, a little fiber, and a little crunch, then you can find something gluten-free that does the same. I'd use gluten-free oats (those are traditional for soda bread), quinoa flakes, or a handful of cooked millet. Sub out by weight and you're good!