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A question about a recipe: Deb Perelman's Mushroom Bourguignon

I have a question about the recipe "Deb Perelman's Mushroom Bourguignon" from Genius Recipes. Yum! This sounds wonderful. Making this very soon--one question, what do you all think about incorporating some eggplant? Sacrilege? Or savory? If so, where/how would you do this? There are two very lonely little eggplants in my fridge that need a home before they get bitter(er).

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Kristen is the Senior Editor of Food52

added over 1 year ago

Interesting idea -- I don't think it would be bad, just a little non-traditional. Unless you think they're likely to be bitter, in which case you might be sad you tainted the bourguignon with them. I would sear them at the beginning along with the mushrooms and onions.

This sauce is my favorite use for eggplant to date, by the way: http://food52.com/recipes...

AndreaHD added over 1 year ago

Many thanks! We'll see how it goes.

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