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Defrosting a turkey?

asked by Kristina,Robbins about 3 years ago
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Your best bet is to stick it in the fridge over a day in advance of cooking. Way to think ahead!

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And if it is still frozen you can try to thaw it in cold water. Just don't let it sit in warm water


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Just looking up something on this subject myself...


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How large is the turkey? At this point, it's most likely too late to expect it to thaw by Thanksgiving by simply putting it in the fridge. According to, it takes 24 hours to defrost each 5 pounds of turkey. You can also thaw the turkey in the sink, covering it with cold water that you change every half hour. Leave it in the plastic packaging. They say it takes 30 minutes per pound. You can speed it up a bit -- by how much, I'm not sure, and of course that all depends on how frozen the bird is -- by removing the neck and gizzards (in which case you'll have to open the packaging. If the neck, etc., are frozen solid inside, however, you may not be able to remove them until the bird has thawed a bit. Good luck!! ;o)