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I am trying to find a recipe like my grandma used to make - a smooth delectable cranberry sherbet which she served as a side dish for Thanksgiving. Can't find one; help!!

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nutcakes added over 3 years ago

That sounds delicious. I might like to try that. Here is one that looks promising, from a reliable source:

Here is a granita, not so smooth but sounds delicious:

campagnes added over 3 years ago

man, that DOES sound delicious.. wish I had an answer for you, but just had to share that I'm drooling over the idea of cranberry sorbet. :) Hope you find what you're looking for!

healthierkitchen added over 3 years ago

A family member made this one last year anhttp://www.epicurious.com... it was quite good:

healthierkitchen added over 3 years ago

yup that messed up - it should say "and it was quite good" and then have the link


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