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Recently made Meyer Lemon Bitters- we're having great cocktails but are interested in cooking with them too. Any recipe suggestions?

asked by SaritaTX about 3 years ago
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added about 3 years ago

no suggestions, I just think Meyer Lemon Bitters sounds amazing.

added about 3 years ago

I would think the bitters would pair well with fish in particular. I'd suggest experimenting, adding as part of a sauce or reduction. Lemon juice doesn't typically hold flavor once cooked, but maybe the bitters would? A savory lemon-bitters sauce would actually pair well with chicken as well as fish, and probably many more things too. Could make an interesting lemon curd too... So, no, I don't have any recipes, but some experimenting ideas. If you want to send some my way, I'll do my best to use some in food recipes and report back! [but if they all get sidetracked to cocktails, well, you know how things go...]

added about 3 years ago

I ,too, was recently given some home grown Meyer Lemons and tried Mark Bittman's ridiculously easy preserved lemon recipe. I have two jars in the frig ready for gifting and eating. It is a good relish-like addition to plain fish or vegetables like asparagus or broccoli when you need a bright note. You simply mince/small chop the lemons and rinds,trying to save as much juice as you can. Place the chopped fruit in a jar with a tight lid,with one tbsp salt and one tbsp sugar. Shake well and refrigerate.They can be used after 12 hours, and last months in the frig. They are great added to Bloody Mary's ,too.