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A question about a recipe: Milk chocolate nutmeg tart with hazelnut crust

I have a question about the recipe "Milk chocolate nutmeg tart with hazelnut crust" from fiveandspice. Do the hazelnuts need to be toasted and peeled first?

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added over 1 year ago

I hope fivanadspice answers but usually hazelnuts are peeled before used in a crust. Roasting hazelnuts with peels allows you to rub off the peel. You can buy peeled hazelnuts and then you probably wouldn't need to roast them, though roasting provides added flavor

Tarragon added over 1 year ago

I didn't toast them when I made this tart and the crust was delicious. There are relatively few hazelnuts in the crust, which gets baked anyway. That said, it never hurts to toast nuts!

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