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I have had good results using this flour blend, but I haven't tried this cake recipe. http://www.make-your-own...
Food 52 has some excellent gluten-free recipes I've used, and one of the contributing cooks, 'beyondcelery' has a blog with very trustworthy recipes. (Try her raspberry brownies here -- my favorite brownie ever!)

Carol Blymire

Carol is a gluten-free chef and food blogger currently cooking her way through the Alinea Cookbook.

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Linda: I would recommend swapping the flour for one of two mixes -- Cup4Cup, or Pamela's Baking and Pancake Mix. Just make sure you use gluten-free baking soda (Arm Hammer, Bob's Red Mill) and gluten-free spices and vanilla (some are not, because of cross-contamination during the processing/bottling process). Most McCormick spices are gluten-free, as are Frontier. Also, a non-gluten tip: Use golden raisins instead of regular brown raisins. A nicer kind of sweet, and prettier color after it bakes. Enjoy!