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Magic Pickle! I am baking tomorrow - if I make pumpkin pie and turn the AC down can it stay out over night or do I need to find room in the fridge?

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asked about 5 years ago
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added about 5 years ago

Yes, it'll be fine. When cool, just set it in a cooler part of the house. Happy Turkey Day, y'all!

added about 5 years ago

ABSOLUTELY! Enjoy your pie!

added about 5 years ago

Not so sound alarmist (and I would feel safe leaving it out), but ... a custard-type pie like pumpkin should be refrigerated for longer (over 4 hours) storage. But, if you aren't feeding about people with compromised immune systems (older folks, young kids, etc.) *and* you are keeping a scrupulously clean kitchen (as I'm sure you do) you should be fine. My worry is always cross contamination: a few stray drops of raw turkey "juice" (ew) and you've inoculated your pie with nasties. Sorry for being so cheerful. :-)