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food52hotline Could these Lillet kumquat conserves be put through a water bath canner? http://t.co/cq0lvJ3Z

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Diana B added over 1 year ago
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It's going to take a Master Food Preserver to answer your question reliably, because I'm not sure the sugar levels are sufficient for safe canning, nor how alcohol affects the mix. The level of fructose in agave syrup is quite variable (55% to 97%). Also, using that much honey in place of the sugar can alter the gel structure, although in this case, pectin in the kumquat peel may counter that tendency. It might be safer to find an approved kumquat preserve recipe and doctoring it a bit with Lillet. Here are a couple: http://www.sbcanning.com...

SKK added over 1 year ago

I am with Diana B I preserve and can and have for years and I would not water bath can this recipe for the same reasons Diana points out. Also my guess is that the fruit will come out discolored from the alcohol. You can freeze it safely and take it out when needed.

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