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How long and at what temperature do I cook a rump roast? Any recipe suggestions?

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ATL added over 1 year ago

A long time to tenderize it. Brown it on top the stove in a small amount of oil if necessary. Put in Dutch oven with an onion and perhaps a bay leaf. Salt and pepper the meat generously. Add some beef broth to the bottom of the pan and cover. Cook at 350 until a fork inserted in the meat slips out easily. Check the meat from time to time to make sure the cooking liquid hasn't cooked away.. Add more if necessary. You can use the cooking liquid, defatted, to make a beef gravy. For a comfort food dinner, serve with mashed potatoes and gravy and the green vegetable of your choice. Delicious on a cold winter night.

ATL added over 1 year ago

I neglected to say the length of time it takes to cook the roast depends on its size, but since rump is a relatively tough cut, plan to cook it for quite a while.

Patti in Mississippi added over 1 year ago

I grill it over indirect medium heat for about 20 minutes a pound. Using a meat thermometer to get it medium rare. Slicing it thin so that it is not too tough. Delicious.


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added over 1 year ago

Here is a recipe for eye of round which is very similar to a rump roast some say it's the same http://food52.com/recipes...

Lkw1080 added over 1 year ago

Thanks everyone! It is about 3 lbs.

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