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Dona added over 1 year ago

http://www.hmart.com/ a great place for Asian ingredients.

Pastor Paul added about 1 year ago

Thanks for telling me about this. I got live blue crab for less than $3 a lb, and live lobster for $6.99 a lb. This was an amazing store!

FutureChef added over 1 year ago

I recommend bliss raw cafe highly at 6005 Berkshire lane as a restaurant. It's a very small operation... I think it seats under 20, but the owner is there most of the time and she told us where the local farmers markets and stuff were. I was just passing through so unfortunately, I'm no help in remembering exactly where they were but I recommend going there to eat for further clarification. Hope this helps!

Dona added over 1 year ago

I'm not sure you will consider Central Market a specialty store, but it's my happy place for finding hard to find ingredients. Full service grocery store with cooking classes, and wonderful produce. http://www.centralmarket...

Allison T added over 1 year ago

Sandwich_cuban You MUST try Jimmy's Food Store close to downtown: http://www.jimmysfoodstore.... It's small-ish but is packed with awesome specialty products AND they have a great deli with killer sandwiches, especially the Cuban, Muffuletta, and the Italian sub (everything else looks amazing but I can't get past these three). Also, full disclosure that I work for Whole Foods Market but there are quite a few in Dallas, with tons of great produce, super-fresh meat and seafood. And back to Jimmy's, try their meatballs and housemade sausage to go. You'll be very happy, and even happier if you call in the order ahead of time.

Beverly Lynn added over 1 year ago

You must check out
Shandiz Mediterranean market on W. Parker in Plano

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