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I've never baked with persimmons--though I love them in their natural state--and over the years I've been puzzled by their use in recipes with chocolate and spices. Normally I have a really easy time imagining flavor combos in my head, but this is one that has just never made sense to me. I can see white chocolate, but anything darker I imagine would take over the persimmon's subtlety. Am I missing something. Need I just give a chocolate persimmon recipe a try?

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ChezHenry added about 1 year ago

I prefer the to let the taste of the Persimmon shine. My mother-in-law has a tree in her backyard, and each year she brings me a bushel. I make jam which is fantastic tucked inside a crepe, and a persimmon bread. I use my banana bread recipe, and just substitute 2 cups of Persimmon puree for the bananas.

ATG117 added about 1 year ago

persimmon jam sounds phenomenal

Diana B added about 1 year ago

Here's a recipe for persimmon jam: http://recipes.epicurean... The Food in Jars website has a persimmon chutney recipe you might like, too. That said, I think chocolate and persimmon sound fabulous together!

Maedl added about 1 year ago

When I was a kid, we ate wild persimmons that grew in the woods on my grandparents' farm. Keep in mind that these were native, American persimmons, not the Asian persimmons on steroids that we buy in stores now. Those wild persimmons were as sweet as honey (AFTER a couple of good frosts) and silky in texture. Mostly we ate them just off the trees as a treat on a fall walk, but occasionally Mom would use them in a bread pudding with cinnamon, cloves, etc. We never used chocolate, but I can imagine it might be a god combination. Why not? Chocolate goes with everything else . . . Perhaps a persimmon, bacon, chocolate combination?

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