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Napoli Antimo Caputo "OO" Pizza Flour-too old?

I just found a 2.2 lb package of this fine flour in my pantry and want to use it to make pizza dough today. But then I noticed a date on top "04/05/2012". Is it now too old to use? How will it affect the outcome of the dough? It has been stored on a shelf in the pantry, not in fridge or freezer...

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Maedl added about 1 year ago

It will probably be OK. It isn’t all that much out of date. How cool is your pantry? The oils in the flour may have gone rancid, which would produce an off-taste, but it isn’t dangerous.

HapppyBee added about 1 year ago

Pantry is now part of a converted garage, so there is no forced air heating so that's good. I gave it the sniff test, but can't tell. But then, I've never sniffed flour before! Thanks!

PazzoNico added about 1 year ago

Long as it's sealed it should be fine. If it's open, I'd be skeptical.
Test the gluten and stretching ability; add a little water to like a handful of flour (enough to make a "dough"). Knead it for a few minutes by hand, then give it the windowpane test. Sometimes old flour loses some of it's stretching qualities.
Also, smell it. No smell - ok. "Off" smell - toss it.

Maedl added about 1 year ago

Flour doesn’t usually have much of a ‘bouquet’, but I think you might be able to detect rancidity as an off-smell. On the other hand, if your recipe is time-consuming, maybe it would be better to throw it out and get a new bag. No point in putting a lot of work into something, only to get an off taste.


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added about 1 year ago

Unless you see weavils running around in it use it. It's fine.

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