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Just read the salt cod feature. I live in Iowa and we don't have fish stores here. Any online sources you could recommend?

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thirschfeld added over 1 year ago

Do you have a Whole Foods near you. Our Whole Foods in Indiana carries it as do some other local groceries.

HalfPint added over 1 year ago

I recommend La Tienda (www.tienda.com) as a good online source for salt cod.

HalfPint added over 1 year ago

Just wanted to note that salted cod has several names depending on the country: Bacalao (Spanish), Bacalhau (Portuguese?), BaccalĂ  (Italian) You can also find it in most Latin America/Caribbean markets and sometimes in Asian markets.

Miachel added over 1 year ago

There's a highly sustainable company called I Love Blue Sea (http://www.ilovebluesea...). Good luck! :)

cookbookchick added over 1 year ago

Yes, our Whole Foods also carries salt cod. You might also try an Italian grocery, if you have one near you. Otherwise, online's your best bet.

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