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Mushy flounder

I have had this problem before in trying to saute flounder or sole filets. I've got a hot pan. The fish is dry and seasoned. I cook it quickly - a couple of minutes a side. And it comes out disgusting. The consistency of mush. I love this fish and want to be able to cook it successfully. Help is appreciated!

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Sam1148 added about 1 year ago
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Is this frozen frozen or fresh fish? Frozen will have always have more moisture in the product.

Also, try dusting it with 'wondra' flour---most supermarkets have that product, a shaker top blue round canister in the baking section.


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added about 1 year ago

Perhaps there's too much oil in the pan. Have you tried a non-stick pan? Alternatively, try baking the fish in the oven

Patti in Mississippi added about 1 year ago

Did you cook it long enough?

DebJ added about 1 year ago

All good suggestions. Thanks very much. Will give it another try.

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