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Just made cauliflower rice pudding. It was TERRIBLE. suggestions?

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FutureChef added about 1 year ago

Was the cauliflower mimicking the rice in the pudding (as is seen with living or plant-based cuisine) or was it actually cauliflower puréed and/or infused into cream for rice pudding? ... Just trying to find the onset of the terrible-ness.. Cauliflower is adventurous in desserts.
Modernist cuisine has a recipe (adapted from Thomas Keller) for cauliflower panna cotta but it is more of a savory application. Hope this sort f helps, but give more details and I might have more if an inkling on how to improve. Thanks!

michellemybell added about 1 year ago

The cauliflower was the rice. I also subbed in coconut milk and a tad of coconut oil. It was so aweful!

ATL added about 1 year ago

I have to admit, it sounds pretty grim. But bravo to you for being courageous!

mainecook61 added about 1 year ago

It sounds awful. Sometimes the trash can is your friend.

mainecook61 added about 1 year ago

It sounds awful. Sometimes the trash can is your friend.


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added about 1 year ago
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Some things aren't meant to be dessert. I would put cauliflower in that category. Sorry it didn't work out.

FutureChef added about 1 year ago

Now I really want to make cauliflower into a dessert just so I can say I did it. To make it work though, I don't think I would opt for the rice pudding route. It is a crucifers us vegetable so I think to make it work as a dessert, you'd have to play to its savory strengths. Think: red bean paste ice creams in Tokyo. Immediately coming to mind is curry.

See: 'flavor bouncing' on youtube starring Chef Achatz. What goes well with cauliflower? Curry comes to mind right off the bat. How could that tie into a dessert? With chocolate (of course). Maybe some currants as well--goes well with cauliflower and chocolate. Peas go well with cauliflower and curry also and have a definite sweetness, but does it pair well with chocolate?

So maybe steer away from a strong coconut flavor and cauliflower. Try perhaps a curried cauliflower panna cotta (if you're vegan, use agar to set), chocolate consommé (see the recipe by Chef Sam Mason), and a currant jam. Chocolate shaving to garnish. (Green&black makes a hazelnut currant chocolate bar... Maybe use that)

Completely theoretical but ill let you know how it goes if I try it out when cauliflower is back in season.

FutureChef added about 1 year ago

Also if you really were just after a vegan pudding, I recommend using chia seeds. It will give you the texture of tapioca pudding. Just use a 4:1 ratio of liquid: chia seeds. Any liquid you want do very versatile. Could use your coconut milk. If you want to retry the coconut cauliflower route here, (godlid luck) but you certainly could.

Christina added 28 days ago

Cauliflower can be a dessert or sweetened comfort food. I just steam it, purée and add butter, a pinch of salt, and sweetener of choice. Must be served WARM though!

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