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We make billions of shape cookies every holiday and have days long decorating extravaganza. I need a good dough, not too sweet, but easy to work with. Also if you have a great icing, that takes color well....I am all ears! thanks

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campagnes added over 3 years ago

This is my go-to recipe for rolled sugar cookies.. not too sweet, and holds perfect shapes. http://fancyflours.wordpress...

LisaCooks added over 3 years ago

I LOVE Karen Demasco's sugar cookie recipe in The Craft of Baking.

gigiaxline added over 3 years ago

There was a special on Food Network years ago where they featured a woman with a cookie business - she had a easy to roll cookie dough that is a dream to work with. No tricky refrigerating & waiting for just the right temperature: http://www.foodnetwork.... I've made it plenty of times with great success. If the link does not show properly go to the food network site and search for Penny O'Connell.

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