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Is there a difference between French green lentils-Puy- and French black lentils I thought were beluga? Does a discreet black French lentil exist? XO

Over at Serious Eats, Caroline posted a recipe for BBQ lentils which sound terrific for a work lunch or a stormy night (take care, East Coasters!). She calls for black French lentils. I think French lentils and I think Puy. Is there a black French lentil and can I find it at Whole Paycheck or do I just use Puy? Or beluga?

asked by marynn about 2 years ago
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added about 2 years ago

Puy lentils are a bit larger than the Beluga and have a green color with black speckles. Belugas are tinier, almost spherical , practically JET black and are firmer when cooked, not to mention the gorgeous glistening appearance.