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A question about a recipe: Birthday Lasagna

I have a question about the recipe "Birthday Lasagna" from merrill. Prep in advance and freeze?

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ATG117 added about 1 year ago

I know lots of people freeze lasagna, but I've never done it, nor have I frozen anything with fresh pasta. What I would certainly make ahead and freeze without any hesitation is the bolognese. And because that is probably the most time consuming part of this recipe, it may be a good place to start. Hopefully others will chime in.

ejm added about 1 year ago

Thanks ATG - that is what I did - made it yesterday and will defrost when needed - won't be using fresh and was not sure how the no cook would fare in the freezer, will assemble the day we will have it.

Am still curious if anyone has made this and frozen it using the no cook noodles for future reference....

ATG117 added about 1 year ago

I would have soaked the no-cook pasta in a bowl of very hot water for a couple of minutes until the pasta was pliable. Then, I would have assembled and frozen. I think you would be okay. It was the fresh pasta that concerned me.

ejm added about 1 year ago

Thanks! Good to have for the future.

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