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What are the different uses for harissa?

I made the harissa recipe over the weekend. Quite delicious. Trying to find ways to use it up. Suggestions?

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Merrill is a co-founder of Food52.

added about 1 year ago

It's great with eggs -- you can stir it into scrambled eggs or use it to fill and omelet. It's also wonderful with lamb -- if you can find a nice merguez, the harissa would be a great accompaniment.

Darlene Carrigan added about 1 year ago

After rooting around the freezer, I found some of mrswheelbarrows merguez sausage that i made for the holidays. Moorish paella for dinner tonight. Love cooking from my extended pantry. Thanks for the reminder!

trampledbygeese added about 1 year ago

I just got some of this spice mix for making merguez sausages. My friend said for each pound of lam, add 12 garlic cloves, parsley and a few tbs of harissa. Use lamb casing to make fairly short, almost cocktail sized sausages.

jacksonholefoodie added about 1 year ago

I recently got turned on to making homemade harissa, and I put it in anything that needs an oomph of flavor: braised Swiss chard, beet greens, or spinach; an avocado half drizzled with olive oil, sea salt and lemon juice; a turkey panini; even a bison burger.

FoodieAli added about 1 year ago

There are some good recipes here from Belazu (they sell Rose Harissa if you don't want to make it yourself!) http://www.belazu.com/product...

Summer of Eggplant added about 1 year ago

This is always a hit at our house. http://food52.com/recipes... I had some on my eggs this AM, it's also good on beef and sometimes I serve it with a crudite.

Darlene Carrigan added about 1 year ago

Making this over the weekend!

cristinasciarra added about 1 year ago

To build on what Merrill said, here are a few recipes in which I've use harissa to delicious effect:

- http://food52.com/recipes... (or any couscous/vegetable dish)
- http://food52.com/recipes... (these also work well as meatballs)
- http://theroamingkitchen... (feel free to adapt this recipe to what you like: beans, vegetables, etc.)

I also like it stirred into homemade mayonaise as a sauce for roasty potatoes, etc, or stirred into tomato sauce for extra zing. I like saucing fish, chickpeas, a steak sandwich.

Happy cooking!

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