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How do I go back and locate the Piglet Community Pick cookbook reviews? It's not in the Features & not in the Piglet.

I'd like to be about to refer back to those reviews in the future when I'm looking for cookbooks. Also, I did not get a chance to read all of them.

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cookinginvictoria added about 1 year ago

Enter Piglet Community Pick in the search bar at the top right corner of your computer screen, where it says "Search for." Select "Features" from the drop down menu to the right of this bar. (Default is Recipes.) All of the CP reviews should now display for you!

MaryMaryCulinary added about 1 year ago

I was wondering the same thing. I'm more likely to read them if they're easy to find, as they seem to be on the day published, but I doubt I'd go searching for them after the fact.

nutcakes added about 1 year ago
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I am mystified by them myself, I have come across a mention once or twice but no idea what the community pics mean re piglet or how to find. It seems really dumb that you have to know to search in a search bar to find a feature series.

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