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Creative Input Please! - Crostata Crust

I have a bounty from this week's CSA - so for dinner I want to make a crostata - my thought is roasted sliced sweet potatoes and beets, then some buttermilk creamed beet tops, kale and collards. The crust - I would like to include cornmeal, and maybe olive oil? And ... what ... an egg? White Wheat flour? Do I also need butter?

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asked almost 3 years ago
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added almost 3 years ago

I would use a blend of cornmeal and ap or white wheat flour. Just cornmeal would get too crumbly, I think. If you're using olive oil, you probably don't need any butter. You'll need ice cold water. If I'm using oil in a crust instead of butter, I like to whisk the oil and water together to suspend the oil in a slurry, before adding it. I don't think you need egg, except if you want to use an egg wash. I also like to add a spoonful of Greek yogurt/sour cream to crostata crusts. It give them a nice twang and I've found it really helps with the flakiness. I've never tried doing that with using olive oil, though.


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added almost 3 years ago

Aargersi, here is my recipe for crostat, the crust is simple and really delicious. ttp://food52.com/recipes/14183-crostata-with-mixed-greens


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added almost 3 years ago

Thanks you guys! I am excited to eat dinner - and it's 10 am :-)