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duck confit expiry date

I have had my duck confit for about 10 months. It is refrigerated, in a sealed glass jar. The expiry date is February 2013. Is it safe to eat?

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HalfPint added about 1 year ago
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I'm inclined to say 'yes'. It's never been opened, so the oxygen and buggies haven't had a chance to spoil the meat. I would open it, smell, and taste. There shouldn't be any off odors or flavor.


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added about 1 year ago

Keep in mind that the confit itself is intended to preserve the duck. As long as it is sealed tight it ought to be okay.

queensland added about 1 year ago

Thank you. I couldn't detect any off odours and the flavour is just fine.

queensland added about 1 year ago

Thank you. I served it warm over salad greens with a little Asian style dressing.

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