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liquid diet ideas, please help!

Oh dear, this is terrible, I'm on a liquid diet (aside from the occasional slice of toast/bread) for the weekend. What am I going to do?

No soy, no dairy, no citrus, no tomato and almost no fats (veg or animal)... what can I eat, um I mean drink? There must be something a foodie like myself can consume that will nourish both body and soul. Please help.

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Brette is the Managing Editor of Food52.

added about 1 year ago
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Whir together frozen bananas with a few splashes of almond milk. It tastes like the best banana soft serve/milkshake.

trampledbygeese added about 1 year ago

mmmm, that's breakfast done. Just wondering, will it spike my energy and crash me? Should I combine it with something else?

VickyD added about 1 year ago

I would add some fresh spinach and maybe almond butter or coconut oil for more sustenance, also frozen berries!

Sam1148 added about 1 year ago

Potato soup, blended well. No dairy in the soup..just boil and blend with some chicken stock.
If Jello is okay...how about a Carrot aspic, or other root vegie aspic. Turning the well blended simmered veggies into a gelatine.
Would pressure cooking some carrots with a touch of baking soda to carmalize them in a touch of stock and blending that be okay? As a rich 'soup'? http://modernistkitchen...

VickyD added about 1 year ago

I just made a curry lentil soup: sauté onions, chopped celery and carrots, then add in peas and lentils (mine were the pre-cooked from Trader Joes), water, curry powder, ginger powder, and turmeric. simmer for 45 min, then puree in a blender until smooth.

nutcakes added about 1 year ago

I wish you explained why this restriction. But I would make chicken stock and de-fat it. You will get nutrition and electrolytes. Vegetables don't usually have any fats in them. So if you want, you can cook and puree them into the fat free chicken stock or a vegetarian stock. Like carrot, squash (winter or summer if you can get it yet). You can make some fantastic veg stocks from Anna's Love Soup book, the updated Vegetarian Epicure author. Or try the many Crescent Dragonwagon Soups in the fantastic Dairy Hollow Soup and Bread book. She also has a vegetarian cookbook. And one of my favorite books Deborah Madison 'Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone', which has tons of soups that can be liquified.



trampledbygeese added about 1 year ago

Like Gourmet Metrics said, it's a doctor ordered diet to limit the strain on the digestive track. Hopefully it's just for the weekend, but I have a seeking feeling it might be longer. Thanks for the links and suggestions. I didn't even think to try my vegan/vegetarian cook books. That's a great idea. Thanks for the links as well.

Gourmet Metrics added about 1 year ago

Clear liquid diets keep your stomach and intestines clear, limit strain to your digestive system, and keep you hydrated as you prepare for or recover from a medical procedure. For a foodie it is dismal, but necessary. The reason you go on a liquid diet will determine in large part how creative you can safely be in application.

SKK added about 1 year ago

If you have a vita-mix you can turn anything into a wonderful liquid. We love kale, pineapple and ginger with a tbsp. or two of hemp seeds.

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